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Are digital measuring tapes accurate?

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Are digital measuring tapes accurate?

Are digital measuring tapes accurate?


The numbers on the tape measure are divided into two rows. One row of numbers is in centimeters/CM, and the other row is in inches. 1CM is about 0.3937 inches, and 1 inch is about 2.54CM. Therefore, the number with the shorter distance between the two numbers is in cm. The longer one is inches, and the number font in centimeters is also smaller than that in inches, 100 centimeters = 1 meter, and the unit is generally centimeters in use.

The tape measure is mainly composed of eight parts: shell, ruler, brake, ruler hook, strap, ruler spring, anti-fall protective cover and labeling. The specific functions are as follows:

1. Shell: ABS new plastic, with a shiny appearance; anti-fall, wear-resistant, not easy to deform.

2. Ruler strip: 50# first-class strip steel with a thickness of 10 wires (0.10mm) is used;

3. Braking: It has three-dimensional braking of upper, side and bottom, and the hand control feels stronger.

4. Ruler hook: The rivet ruler hook structure is not easy to deform and ensures more accurate measurement.

5. Carrying straps: rubber and nylon; high-grade and high-quality; strong and durable, with good hand feeling.

6. Ruler spring: generally 50# carbon steel, 65# manganese material: strong toughness and high precision.

7. Drop-resistant protective cover: high-quality plastic to prevent breakage and collision damage and enhance durability.

8. Labeling: can be produced according to customer requirements.

Extended information:


1. The tape measure will not fail if the deformation is too large. The spring in the tape measure is very long, and it has a wide range from fully relaxed to fully tightened. The entire stroke of the tape measure is included, and there is margin at both ends, so the tape measure will not fail.

2. There is no difference in pulling force when pulling one meter long and two meters long; the spring of the tape measure is very thin, and the amount of deformation when it is tightened is also small, so the reaction force is very small, and the change in force cannot be felt when the ruler is pulled.

Measurement method

The tape measure head is loose, so that we can measure the size. When measuring the size of the tape measure, there are two measuring methods. One is to hang on the object, and the other is to push on the object. The difference between the two measuring methods is the thickness of the iron sheet at the head of the tape measure. The purpose of the loose tape measure head is to compensate for the iron piece of the tape measure head when it is pressed against the object.

The following is a common tool for tape measure and laser measurement. It can be connected to the mobile APP to generate CAD, PDF, 3D pictures, and products that export picture data.

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